Thursday, September 17, 2009

the Disciplinary Hearing

Note: Make sure you read the first posting in this blog first for full value. Scroll down or click on 'Red Card For Swearing' in the blog archive on the left.

The Disciplinary meeting was much more civil than I expected. We have to keep remembering that these people care a lot about soccer too, do a nasty job, and see lots of s*** (oops red-card!).

Actually, during the interview, one of the committee members did swear (I think it might have been 'damn'). I immediately red carded her with a smile on my face.

The boys got the standard one game suspension. That's what I was told to expect. Supposedly if you don't show respect, they can give you more. I gave them a submission (pretty much the comments that are in the first posting) for the minutes.

I also gave them a list of games played that same day, where the referee did not acknowledge or enforce the supposed new rules. They are now part of the minutes as well.

When it came down to it, they said that they couldn't change the ruling, and that if I wanted to, I should pursue it more with the Referee In Chief or launch an appeal to the BCSA (at $500 per incident).

Left it at that and took the boys out for ice cream.

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